Why, Yes. Let's be Self-Centered.

It's been quite some time. Since I last visited this page. Since I wrote. Since I laughed wholeheartedly. Since I picked up a book and managed to finish it. Since I allowed myself to just be.

Writing used to be a recreational outlet for me. And I still didn't bother to write. I kept telling myself I won't write unless I have something substantial to say/share. Did it have its repercussions? To put it plainly, yes, it did.
Yet, I have regretted my speech, never my silence.
You may ask why am I writing here now? Well, mostly because I've been forced to write by somebody who inspires me I do have something to say.

Most of us are striving to become something extraordinary in our lives. Our role models are superstars, media personalities, famous politicians and what not. We aspire to become like them. Nobody cares about the ordinary. Basically, we all want to be VIPs.
Not all of us might end up becoming one of them VIPs, for factors which might/might not be beyond our control.
Yet, in this rat race of life, we fail to realize there is yet another kind of person that we should rather strive to become. A better person. Everyday. A W.I.P (work in progress) kinda person.

I don't care if it sounds funny.

We curse our society, our government, our culture, the people around us everyday for their incompetence. Only if we could shift our focus to ourselves, and only work on bettering ourselves as a person, we could be a lot happier.
We cannot control what happens around us. What  we can control is how we choose to react to those events.

I used to be a very immature, angry person earlier. The one who would flip out at the slightest provocation.
I have let go of some really great people because I was too busy judging them, focusing on unnecessary stuff, and wasting my time. 

Do I regret it? No. 
Why you ask? Because as I said, I'm a W.I.P.
I will learn, improvise, adapt, and overcome. One step at a time. 

On an unrelated note, I've been introspecting on the past year, and the lessons it has provided me with. Most of them, I believe, are universally valid. Hence, sharing:
  • Kindness is grossly underrated.
  • Our society's measures of a successful life need some serious re-evaluation. 
  • The corporate jargon "everybody is dispensable" stands invalidated in real life.
  • Your age has got nothing to do with your level of maturity. 
  • It's important to treat others in the way you expect to be treated. 
  • That life does open a door when it closes one on us. We just have to look hard enough for the door that's opened. 
I know. Too much of gyaan in a single post. And that most of my life lessons sound like modern-day cliches. But as they say, we never really understand the gravity of things/words unless they happen to us. 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I'm changing myself ~ Rumi