The good old 90's

Just the other day, when I was surfing through Facebook, I chanced to come across a group which listed all the things which one would remember if they had grown up during the 90's. Now, though the idea was pretty interesting, most of the things mentioned in thr group didnt suit Indian sensibilities. Coz most of us probably didn't grow up making fantasies/plans about our special prom night when we could barely crawl.

So, I decided to compile a list of all the things an average teenager/ twenty something indivdual can relate to. Though not all the things are mine (some of them are borrowed from the internet, but then, that's only because we all can remember the same things about the 90's).

So, here's my version:


  • You know who Mogli from the Junglebook is coz you grew up singing the title track along with, while watching the show on Doordarshan.
  • You wrote an actual letter (or a letter in your head), which although never materialised to MTV's Most Wanted. yes, shehnaz seemed to be the best, cutest Vj of all times then.
  • You religiously turned on the TV on Sundays at noon to watch the Bournvita Quiz contest with Derek O'Brien. Yes, religiously. Its quite shocking to know that of all the people I know today, admit having fond memories with this show in their childhood.
  • "Made in India" by Alisha Chinai was one of your favourite songs and you secretly wished that one day, a bare bodied Milind Soman would sweep you off your feet.
  • Your first email address was the lamest one you ever had. Eg.
  • You can still recount all the characters from Hum Paanch (the only somewhat ok show ever produced by crass queen, Ekta Kapoor)
  • You thought that having a birthday party at the newly opened Wimpy's or Pizza Corner would make you the most popular girl/boy in your school group.
  • You could sing along the Vicco turmeric ad.
  • You got ready in the morning for school while watching "Gi Joe" and the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on Star plus.
  • You hoped to collect the entire collection of then-overpriced Barbie dolls someday.
  • Your wardrobe was almost completely made up of clothes from Weekender kids
  • Tinkle and Champak along with Chahcha Chaudhary and Pinky were the first comic strips/magazines you ever read.
  • You though Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys was the cutest guy alive on earth (As 10-12 year olds, HOT wasnt yet a part of our vocabulary)
  • You managed to cover the entire one wall of your room with posters of Leonardo di Capario.
  • Speaking of which, your mom made you shut your eyes during the infamous "car" scene. Or worse still, they refused to take you to the theatre to watch this enormous hit flick deeming it inappropriate for your age.
  • You wished you had your very own robot sister, like "vicky" from Small Wonder
  • You traded your tazos for coloured Add gel pens.
  • You would have given your left eye for a game like Jumanji.
  • Dancing to "Saturday Night" and "Macarena" was given at any party. And singing along "Going to Ibiza" from Vengaboys made you the coolest among the lot.
  • You still remember that "Lays" was originally called "Ruffles".
  • You were hooked onto Cartoon Network and had to be surgically removed from in front of the TV.
  • You grew up to be a pretty awesome dude or chick.
Ok, i know words like Dude or Chick do not fall into the 90's category, but that's coz we had grown into the new millenium by then. And then, you seriously cannot deny the fact that we are a pretty awesome generation.

P.S - if you guys have more points to add, go ahead. M quite sure I have missed quite a few.


Getting emotionally depressed for me is nothing new. You know, this "i -am- so-sad" phase comes in my life every now and then. The good part is that it never lasts for more than a day or two (thankfully).
And when i am feeling sad, down and out, I binge. To Hell with my week long diet plans, I attack on chocolates like Druggies do on dope after coming out of rehab!!! :p
But i was just wondering, what if i were to eat eight chocolate donuts and come back home, tell my mum "I ate eight donuts, so cant have more food". Man, i would love to see the reaction on her she would think again that she has been blessed with a daughter who would go to any lengths to prove how retard she is.

But this is not what I intend to write about. I have already cribbed a lot in my last post, so this one is only going discuss the 8 things in my life, in 2008 in various aspects. here it goes


*Money- both earning and spending (and saving, at times)
*Good Food- only eating :p
*Quality of life- has to be maintained in everything i do
*Knowledge- give me more, anytime
*Writing- man, my world is here
*Advertising/ Communication- is my call
*Hawt men- i know its like a kick in the balls for ol d ppl who think how staunch a feminist i am - i still am- but definitions differ
*Sleeping- ;)


*Get myself the right job and become a CEO of some luxury brand or a fashion mag editor. haye, ishtyle
*Buy a sexy sedan and then find myself a man who would take me on long drives @ 1 in the night on the Ring Road in delhi. BLISS!
*Have a grand punjabi wedding, with this guy mentioned above. Chatwal ishtyle.
*Have a Hen paaardy before that wedding, with all the hawt men on earth!
*Travel around the world..a road new places....and try out the chocolates everyewhere :p
*And this ones really important...enter a good mall, buy everything, i repeat, EVERYTHING, that i like. Do a "show this.....nice...pack it" kinda thaang, you know ;)
*Most importantly, earn enough money and study well to do all these
*Hmm, a bit senti, but I want my parents to take pride in me. Look at me and say..."Itni bhi jhalli nahi hai"


*Cool - universal adjective
*Oh Fuck- anything which pisses me off or goes wrong, prompts me to use this cuss word. Especially men
*Hmmm- everytime the other person goes on blabbering the shit i aint really interested in or cant understand a word of.
*Main ni khel rahi- everytime i want to exhibit my disapproval at anything. Yo babby, life's a game.;)
*Ba****d- This word is especially reserved for some special kind of guys who try to test my patience in public places by trying to act cool or hit on me.
*DASh DASH - everytime i feel like using explicit stuff in front of some respectable company, i resort to this. FILL IN THE BLANKS YOURSELF kinda thing. :P
*Yup yup- everytime i need to say Yes
*I am hungry- coz dats wat i am most of the times :p

*Veronika decides to die- Paulo cohelo
*Blasphemy- Taseema Durrani
*One Night at a Call center- Chetan Bhagat
*Chicken Soup for the Soul (all versions)
*Angels and Demons
*The Shadow lines
*Loosing my Virginity- Richard Branson
*You Can Win -Shiv Khera

*Thank you- Dido
*My Lover's Gone- Dido
*White Flag - Dido (yeah, i know, m a sucker for her songs)
*Yakeen- Atif Aslam
*Gal Ban Gayee- Sukhbir
*My Happy Ending- Avril Lavigne
*Coming Back To life- Pink floyd
*Way I Are- Timbaland

*my best friend- goes on holidays without even bothering to gimme a call. wtf?
*my father- the most important man in my life, father, nurturer, pamperer,preacher, the best teacher of my life
*education- has made me what i am today. a dash.
*writing- saves my soul
*love- can never have enough of it
*other friends- will not call me in ages, then tell me that i have become too busy for them :/
*experience- I am olways learning from them
*happiness- isnt olways there. but when it is, that is the best feeling in the world.

Ppl I am tagging

Bheja Fry

I had often heard that each and every relationship comes with an expiry date. No matter how much you want to retain that bond, one day it will fade away.

There is so much happening in my life right now......sometimes, i never even get the time to sit back and realise if this is what i always wanted.........
I was looking back at my high school pics a few days back with a friend.....though he could only notice the drastic makeover I have undergone (i was a typical bespectacled nerd during my school days). I realised one more thing......I was smiling then. In each of the pics. It was a genuine, carefree smile. Not the fake, forced smile which i reserve especially for occasions, now, whenever someone screams on my face "SAY CHEESE".

One of my friend asked me today, Prianca, do you know yourself?
I didnt knew what to say. because very frankly speaking, i dont know whether i know myself or not.
I'll ask you, the one who is reading this blog,do you know yourself?
You might say Yes or No.
But what if you are forced to undergo this mental metamorphsis. Assume an identity in public, you know you cannot identify with. Then, would you be able to say as confidently that you know yourself?

I no longer try to fit in a group. Coz i never had a group as such. I am what I am. Just trying to be at peace with myself.
I always thought it would be terribly lonely to stay alone. The sheer thought of having no one close to talk to, to share your ups and downs freaks me out. literally.
As my luck would have it, some of the most cherished, precious people in my life are the ones who love staying alone.
Or simly put it in other words, dont feel the need to communicate with me as frequently as i do. Nevertheless, the emotional fool that i am, i know they will always be the most important people in my life.

I used to be a chatterbox once.....notoriously famous for my unending talking sprees. Then, as my friends gradually moved away, i started talking to myself. While travelling alone, while sitting idle, anywhere, anytime.
I talk a lot even today. Though its only in my mind now. It never finds a way out. Apart from these occasional blog posts. And my talks arent as chirpy, lively and optimistic. They are mostly dejected and depressed. As if this blog belongs to some 90 yr old grandma who has been through the prime of her life.

WHat the hell! iI am not even 20 yet.
This will have to change. Coz I hate the way things are right now.
The catch is I dont know how?

i just wonder whether the relationship which one shares with oneself comes with an expiry date too?
coz if it does, i have almost reached it
damn, a middle finger to this fucker feeling.