Oh, Fuck you Bitch

They say, to err is human. And consequently I fall in the same category too. I will err. And err again. But every time, that I commit an error, a new lesson will be learnt by my sub-conscious mind. Though its not that life hasn’t taught my any lessons till now. After serving a long stint as an official nerd during my high school days, I am finally living up to the reputation of being a snob, a girl who couldn’t care less about her higher education and stuff. Needless to say, campus life teaches you a lot. It did to me as well. I am finally learning the complexities of being a bitch. The intricacies and importance of acting like a bitch. Like those girls who hop around in the choicest of clothes, their vocab updated with multi-lingual slang, can impress and date any damn guy in a jiffy and throw away attitude (so what, if half of the sane crowd ignores them? ). They still manage to draw the attention of a large amount of people who are popular and matter in the youth cult. Sigh! So, it’s decided. From now on, I’ll be bringing up my latest mini and Abercrombie racer-back. Will be acting as a mean “miss know-it-all”. I would poke fun at any and every girl whose dress is oh-so-last season. I’ll also build up a gang comprising of super-cool girls who can dress to impress (it doesn’t matter if they have nothing left in their upper levels, brains, I mean). But then, on second thoughts, what will be the difference left between me and them. I believe that I, like everyone else in the world, is completely unique. And no one can take my place, no matter what. I am happy being me, doesn’t matter if I remain at home every other Saturday night and don’t get frequent invitations for late-night partying. I at least have the sense to adjudge what’s wrong and what’s right? So, be it. I am happy being myself. The bitch business was never made out for me in the first place. So, why bother? Bring up those pajamas, tie up the hair in a bun, and nestle in the coziest spot of the room with a novel. Oh yes, I am happy being this. Could not and would not care two hoots about the snob gentry who love to dismiss the intellectual class as nerdy, un-happening and boring. Frankly, sweethearts, we couldn’t care less And, believe me, it feels like heaven when I address them in four simple words Oh, Fuck You Bitch

The complexities of desire

It’s funny to note that just at a time when you get what all you had ever desired for, that desire, the need for that "certain something" gradually fades away. I guess its human nature to desire, look up to things they know they can’t have at the moment. Yet the moment you have it, it no longer seems important. The struggle, the earnest wishes and prayers which you had made for it suddenly start seeming transcending and almost fleeting. As if those moments never happened in the first place. Strange but true.

Strip your soul away

Strip away vanity
Just as you consume me
Broken smile, starless sky
Save it all, Say goodbye."

"You wake to suffer through the day
Trade a dream for the pay
Well here's the fact, I hope it sticks
You're just alive out of habit."

The Excess of Everything

I had often heard the phrase that the grass is always greener on the other side. And needless to say, its pretty true as well. No matter how much we have, how many facilities we are endowed with, we will always feel that it would have been much better if we were even half as blessed as the person in front of us.
Alright, i know m being a bit philosphical here but like, we, as humans, are we ever satisfied with what we have?
the answer is NO.
here is a simple thought which i came across somewhere, which stirred me completely. The simplicity with which it expressed human nature yet commented on the insatiable human greed was hard-hitting.
heres how it goes

  • we have bigger houses, but smaller families
  • more conveniences, but less time
  • we have more knowledge, but less judgements
  • more experts but more problems
  • more medicines but less health
  • we have been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour
  • we build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but have less communication
  • we have become long on quantity, but short on quality
  • these are times of fast foods but less digestion
  • tall men but short character
  • steep profits but shallow relationships
  • IT is a time when there is much in the window, but nothing in the room!!!

just a usual day in my life

umm, so here i am writing out my first blog. Though the idea of creating a blog and pouring my heart out over the good, ol internet was in my mind since a long time now, but then the first thought which always came to my mind was that posting a blog, subject to public view was somewhat similar to your thoughts being announced over a loudspeaker where everyone could hear them, judge them and condemn them.
but then, screw it.
until and unles, i can muster up the courage to voice my thoughts, whats the use of having them in the first place? right?

since the start of my summer vacations, i have been on this unending spree of working endlessly, back to back on target basis while at my summer job. but today is a special day. because i finally managed to get a day off. considering that even my sundays are not free, this is a pretty big deal for me. yeah, dats wat i said, BIG DEAL. but who cares? like? :p

i can proudly say that i utilized my day to the best of my capabilities (oh yes, i am the one who values time a lot, hehe). i slept away to glory for something like the entire day? ahhm, yeah, i slept through the day. i mean, in such heat and sticky temperature, there is nothing much that you can do, right?

i got up by eight pm to the sounds of usual prime time television shows which were being played over the television set at a blaring volume (oh, i hate you mom for this, grrrr)
yeah, my mom is an another interesting part of my life i can talk endlessly about. interestingly, she would be least concerned if i have managed to win a prize in a competition i was preparing for so long or whether i am able to secure admission in a college of my choice. but yes, she is concerned (read extremely concerned) whether i have managed to purchase the special, imported brocolli from the food mart nearby while on my way back home from office. :/ she will call me incessantly, until i answer her call and assure her that her coveted brocolli has been purchased. phew. like does she really need to care that i was driving and shouldnt have answered her call? i think that traffic policeman did notice my car number. damn

well, on second thoughts, she aint dat bad. she is MY mom after all. i can manage her tantrums on most of the days. on other occasions, i simply igonre her while she keeps shouting around the house why cant i be a bit more responsible and help her around the house? yeah, like i care

name: prianca
Status: bored of sleeping, thus blogging
Book i am currently reading: Veronica decides to die by Paulo Cohelo