Scattered thoughts .......

People always come up to me and tell me that I think a lot. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. What leaves me thinking is that was it a compliment or a complaint?
Coz in my writing profession, ideally, it should be considered as an asset but the expression on people's faces around me suggest otherwise. Nevermind.

Once again, I'm standing at crossroads in my life. I don't know where will I be one month hence? Would I be studying somewhere? Would I still be working? Will I have to leave my hometown and move away??
questions, questions...they flog my mind. I'm restless. I'm tired and still there is so much more that is yet to be achieved.

I'm partly happy that I will be moving away. I always wanted to live alone. To experience freedom in its true spirit. To take charge of my own life and the added responsibilities. I'm sad at the thought of leaving my comfort zone. Of ditching all the luxuries I've always been so used to.

Ever since college has ended. Strangely, I feel I've matured overnight. I've had too many experiences, met too many people. There are people I would always treasure and people I wouldn't even like to recall about.

There is always this random wishlist which keeps going on in my mind. It might take a backseat when something more important comes up and demands immediate attention. However, the wishlist again comes buzzing back in my mind, reminding me of the things that I definitely want to achieve/do/say.

  • I once read somewhere that the world is like a book. And those who don't travel read only a page. I want to travel endlessly. Set out for an unknown destination and not return back. I guess I would love to be a travel writer one day. The idea of a journey exhilirates me.
  • I want to buy my own car, and a luxurious one. Mind you.
  • I want to be more assertive in my outlook. Not take bullshit from people who don't or are never going to matter in my life. I'm glad I'm already working towards it.
  • I always thought moving to a different city solves all your current problems by helping you start your life afresh. As the time for moving away nears, I wonder maybe it doesn't.
  • There have been a lot of people who came, stayed and move away from me in this journey called life. I can't even recall most of them today. For some, I wish that they would never have been there in the first place. These are the people who ditched me, deceived me, made me cry and finally, helped me to wisen up.
  • I always wish only if I could get a chance again to be face- to-face with those mean people. Only this time, I would let them know how much they suck. And what big, fat losers they are. But on the hindsight, I'm glad I'll never meet them again. I have no place for bitches in my life now.
  • And there is a really long list of people who came into my life only to make it more meaningful. I found a mirror soul in a dear friend, called Prachi. I allowed myself to become a woman who has for once loved selflessly, who has for once given his heart to a man and not regret it. Thanks mickey mouse.
Mickey says I have a problem with my life. I have a pretty luxurious life, btw. But still, I'm always slogging myself, testing myself, epxeriencing all the harsh realities which perhaps, I really didn't need to considering my comfortable upbringing. But then, that's life.

I think there is something baking in my oven..

A random talk between two female friends:

Girl 1 - Hi, I think I forgot something

Girl 2 - Hey, what is it?

Girl 1 - I think there is something baking in my oven and I'm also afraid I might be pregnant.

Girl 2 - Oh my god!!!. Well, lets try rushing back to your home and switch off the oven because that's an immediate problem...what if it led to a short circuit?? bla bla bla

Girl 1 - No, turning off the oven in my home won't help.

Girl 2 - (confused) - But how? We can rush, turn off the oven at your home and then take you to a gynaec for a check up. What say?

Girl 1 - (agitated) - Duh, by something boiling in my oven i mean there is something boiling in my uterus. I forgot to take precaution last night and I'm afraid I might be pregnant!!!

Girl 2 - Ohhhhh......

Moral of the conversation? No, its not to use precaution. Ok, that as well but one more thing which surfaces out of this conversation is that we, women, the fairer sex, the empowered sex or whatever are actually quite confused regarding ourselves.

Yes, I, who has always been a staunch feminist said that. I just said that!
I am not particularly fond of men or their unhygienic habits/lifestyle. However, one cannot deny the fact that men, no matter how laid back they may be are seldom confused regarding what they need to do at a particular point of time. I am not saying they never are confused. Obviously, its a catch 22 situation for them when they are made to choose between Going out on a date with this hot, new chick on the block or watching a live match between Manchester United and Arsenal. :p

ok, i kid, i kid, i joke , i joke!!!

But I, Prianca who had made fun of men in soo many of my previous posts, like here and here , is eating her words today.

I was always very proud of the decisions that I take for myself. The guy I chose as my Bf, the college I went to, the course I graduated in, the career choices that I make for myself, my dressing sense.......Yes, I am/was proud of it all.

Until I realised that this is not all that I want.
  • I do not want a staple 9 to 5 job. Damn, my current job exceeds up to 6.30 pm (how I am hating it)
  • I do not want to let my arse have a gala time, bulgeoning away to glory while I remain seated on the same work station for long hours.
  • I've realised that I still want to be a writer. But being a fashion editor of some good magazine or fashion journalist wouldn't hurt. Right girlies?
  • I don't want to remain stuck in this job where all I do is review guy stuff like gadgets, play stations, navigation systems and give my animated opinions about them. The funny part is that the stuff I review and give my opinions in a " I -myself-have-been-using -this-product-for-such-a-long-time"tone, is completely alien to me. I might even not have seen this products in real life, let alone use them. THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING.
But everything boils down to just one thing. I cannot complain to anybody because the decision to take up this job was taken by me. And damn, the decision to leave it, too, will be entirely mine. And pretty soon enough.

  • I've realised I'm not happy being out of college. In fact, I've applied in all the creme de la creme colleges of the country for a post graduation out of my sheer frustration. I sooooooo want to get back into campus life. Yeah, I'm contradicting myself. (refer to my previous post).
  • On certain days, I realise that I will never want to do a job altogether, sitting on the same chair in the same environment, watching the same faces everyday.
  • The lure of a fat pay package can no longer tempt me. I am going back to college, by hook or by crook.
Men, in my life, on the other hand have been pretty sorted out. I perceived them to be casual/not serious about their career. In the hindsight, I guess they always knew what they want to do and they are doing just that- enjoying themselves thoroughly. With no high aims, no slogging and no high expectations out of themselves, they are a relaxed and happy lot. Give them a mug of beer, a comfortable sofa and an exciting match to watch..and the most complacent smile will appear on their face in no time. The bottom line is they are satisfied with their life. I am not. Rings a bell?

I am not saying that men are better than us, women. They can be our equals but better? Naaaah.
However, they know what they want to do, what they dont want to do and how to live happily. Maybe that's why they make good drivers. Alas....

Happy = Me

Hello People. Wow, I'm so very glad to be back at blogosphere finally. I'm so glad I'm finally done with my exams. Done with my final exams, done with my graduation. woohoo. Though the upcoming post grad entrances exams still seem like a bit of killjoy, but do I care? Like? ;)

Its only a weekend (that makes it exactly two days - saturday and sunday) that I had to celeberate my freedom. Tomorrow I go back to work. Yes, I'm finally joining a new office from tomorrow. Work calls me again. :(

Nevamind, knowing that I had only two days to enjoy, I tried to capitalise on them in the best way possible. Here's how it went:

  • Saturday - spent the entire day sleeping (Considering the sleepless nights my last exam gave me, I definitely deserved it). Woke up around midnight, loitered around the house, stufffed myself with food, went back to sleep again. zzzz
  • Sunday - Now lovelies, here comes my fav part. I loved this day. I shopped like crazy, went to my fav places, enjoyed myself thoroughly and returned home late night.psst, Its 3 am now. I should be sleeping by now, if I really want to make it to the office in time tomorrow. First day impressions, you know....But do I care? Like? ;)
Alright, enough of my itinerary here.
There are certain happy, lovey dovey things happening in my life right now that make me go like woohoo..... and yes, m being generous. I'm sharing them with you.
  • My sister is finally placed in some top notch MNC (No, this is not the good thing). The good thing is she will be moving to Mumbai for some work. And I get to rule the house. And our shared bed. And her wardrobe. heeheehaahaa.
  • I no longer have to study, sit through boring lectures, work for tutorials and other research assignments. However, it doesnt negate the fact that I'm going to miss my college days terribly. boohoo. mummyyyyy, I need a tissue...sob sob.
  • I'm finally earning. Yeah baby.
  • Bf is going to be in town soon. And that makes me all the more happy. Duh, I only get to see him like once in a month. Friggin LDR.
  • One of my really nice blogger friend just got through a uni of her choice. And surprisingly, I'm sooo very happy for her. Although we've never met. But its like we have connections. To my utter surprise, I still get upbeat whenever I think how happy she might be right now. You can choose to congratulate her here
  • I've just realised that I'm going bonkers about those cute zoozooVodafone ads being featured during IPL. For my dear fellas who are still out of the loop, you gotta see those super cute, funny ads here. Man, I'm already a fan of theirs on Fb and I still cant get enough of them. And did you know, all the cute creatures featured in these ads are actually petite South African women. You gotta watch it to believe it.
  • Strangely, I'm addicted to colour purple. Considering my pet name is pink, a lot of people think that it would be my fav colour too. But I've realised I'm getting too inclined towards purple. For instance today, I ended up purchasing three purple tops, purple ballerinas, a purple hanbag (nevermind the fact, I already had a neon pink supercute bag with me), purple accessories and purple capris. To top it all, as soon as I saw that supa nice purple evening dress, I went weak in the knees again. But my hard luck, Dad said I already had enough. :(((. I can bet even if anyone tries to sell me waste from their junkyard nicely wrapped in a purple packaging, I'll be game for it. Yes, that is the level of my craziness for this colour at the moment.
  • Another thing which makes me really happy is that I'm finally drinking more and more water. I feel good already.

Enough of my spillings here, how've been you guys doing? Drop back, I so need to get updated on you guys. I think I'' hit the nap sack now. Till then, I wish you guys stay happy too. Because we cant stay happy all the time. Its not possible, But when we actually are, its the best feeling in this world. You bet? ;)))