Liberal Arts Leftovers

Yes, this is the most fantabulous (if that's a word) thing I've come across on the internet. I came across this site, basically a blog by this name. Frankly, the name intrigued me and hence, prompted me to click on the site. And guess, what I discovered?
A whole blog dedicated to students who have just graduated or are about to graduate in BA with English majors. Did someone talk about right timing??? :p

Now, what does the term Liberal Arts Leftovers basically mean?
The author of the blog, who apparently is a graduate in English majors put it like this:
A Liberal Arts Leftover is someone who has mastered the set of skills necessary for the college social environment only to graduate and find themselves a freshman in life–trying to figure out new social systems not to mention professional environments.*

Yes, we graduates in English majors are fed on the idea of liberalism for complete three years (four years in some countries). Only to be left completely clueless and Jobless (mind it) in a not so liberal professional world. Thus, we are the leftovers who can bullshit their way through anything and feel proud of their degrees (like I do) no matter what! Yes, we feel accomplished to be the Liberal Arts Leftovers.

Man, I couldnt agree more. While typing this post, I am reminded of the fact that there are probably twenty or thirty more Liberal Arts Leftovers like me with some sort of Humanities degrees in hands sitting in front of their own computers reading or writing a blog entry. Actually may be more than that considering the current economy.

I realised a lot of my blogs have been too self obsessed. While writing this post, I tried of thinking various things that people might be interested in reading. But apparently, I'm out of touch with rest of the world and IPL and politics (two current sensations) dont interest me much to write about. And lets face it, If you're just about to graduate from college and you're not married with kids, you've got to be thinking about yourself!!!

I'm selfish.

I've decided certain things that I want from my life now:
  • Take the CAT this year
  • Learn how to cook all the exotic dishes I always wanted to
  • Be impressive
  • Charge money for friendship (genuiness comes at a price)
  • Eat more vegetables (basically eat more stuff apart from chocolates)
  • Become a regular at jogging
  • Get the goddamned raise to my expected level on job front
  • Spend more of my salary on myself.
  • And, join some decent MBA coaching institute or if I'm very very lucky, a good mass communication insititute. Whatever happens first.
In other news, I've also somewhat figured out the meaning of life. And I'm not telling.

One of the main reasons why I'm writing this post is

simply because I'm bored.

I've got loads of things to do but prefer procrastinating at blogville.
Another 33 days and I'd be a f******g graduate. Another addition to the other millions of jobless grads.
The good news is I already got a job today. So, I partly know where my life is headed immediately after my final exams get over. Yup, you guessed it right. Its office.

Darn, the mere thought freaks me out. Though the job is what I always wanted and salary is just about okay too. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I do get through a decent sa college for my post graduation in mass communication. Else, I'll have to drop a year, slog in the office and prepare again. yikes.

Three wild years of graduation made me realise certain things
  • I absolutely, perfectly, completely, with all my heart (nd liver, stomach, pancreas nd other anatomy stuff) HATE bitches. (Both male and female versions) ..if you know what I mean
  • I believe that karma rocks....I dont give any crap to others, neither do I take any.
  • Moral policing is downright irritating and stupid. (Got lots to tell about it, will need another post)
  • Curiousity is good. It makes us dig for success with renewed enthusiasm every day.
  • I finally realised that I do not have to give an effing shit to useless people around me who keep making life hell for others.
  • Its perfectly alright if half of the society you live in thinks that you're unapproachable, anti social and have got attitude.@ this so -called society :- Do others a favour, mind your own business.
  • You and only you are responsible for what you do with your life and for every action that you take. Dont try to place the blame on circumstances, family, friends.....That not the way it works. The sooner you realise this, the better.
  • I realised that your eyes will not see what your mind does not know.
  • Do not try to justify yourself everytime you are wronged. You will never owe a justification to people who are not going to believe you...(why bother!). Others will still love you and understand you without having to say any thing.
  • Letting yourself free every once in a while is great. Its fun.
  • There is nothing sexy about shouting. Neither about raising hands/fists on your loved ones. (domestic violence). It only shows how frustrated and coward you are.
  • On an ending note, live your life while you are still at it. Its the only chance, one life that you've got.
Me done. Will catch some sleep before I hit my books again. :((


So, yesterday was my Farewell party. I'm finally going to be a graduate. yayy. The party was nice, though it could have been hosted in a much better manner. Nevermind.
The thing is that I'm finally going to be a graduate and rather than growing nostalgic or very sentimental about it, I'm partly looking forward to get out of the college. Not becuase my college sucks (or even if it does, I couldnt care less).

Its the college environment I want to get out of. Frankly speaking, I'm not much of a social person. So I never made any really nice friends in these three years. I guess I was a bit too busy trying to balance work, studies, my LDR wid bf and other important matters. No grudges though. ..*wink*

So, post the official farewell party, all the to-be-graduating seniors (me included) and some of our juniors played a game called Confessions -2. Now, every one of us was supposed to tell what they ACTUALLY felt about their other graduating friends and trust me, it was scandalously phun!!!.

The best part is I got to learn a lot about myself, from what others had to say about me. Now, in a lot of my previous posts I'd already mentioned that I was allergic to bitching and bitches. However, it was nice to know what some of my classmates (who fall in this category perfectly) had some not so nice things to say about me. It was a nice change you know. I was bored of listening how genuine/frank I am or how wonderful my hair, figure, handwriting and god know wat all is.

I guess I could already figure out some of those things during my college life. But the rest of them totally surprised me. And the best and strangest part is I did not feel offended at all. Because these people had nasty things to say only about those students who have done pretty well for themselves academically, regarding their careers or were pretty looking or smarter than these self assumed critics. :p
Moreover, though I was trying to accept all nice and some not so nice things about me. I realised how I'd changed during these three years. I'm definitely not going to miss these critics for sure, though I'm secretly happy that they are not or can never be at the position where I and some other students who were targets of their bitchy wrath are. ....**evil grin**
Serves them right, i guess

However when my turn came to confess it all, I only addressed such nasty critics in an extremely diplomatic way and told them, "I have nothing against you darling. You say what you feel. You feel what your (narrow) mind and (shallow) heart allows you to. You are essentially human. Stay that way"
I wish them luck for their future bitching endaevours though. Such people definitely add a lot of masala to the class man.

I'm happy I do not react publicly anymore. I'm happy I did not try to defend myself or avenge them by trying to wash their dirty linen in public coz that would have solved their would have given them a chance to upset me again. I'm happy I'm more in control of my life and decide whom I need to give zero, little or loads of importance to. Because I know people who matter to me are going to stay in my life, no matter what. Rest can go and take a hike. ...*wink wink*

I formed some great memories there which will always stay with me. I learned a lot about life, myself and the way world works. I'm happy I was able to form my morals,values and discover some of them in me while my undergraduation. So, petty things like jealous classmates do not figure out in my agenda anymore.

I forgive them all. I feel like god. :p :p :p