And they call me WEIRD!

"How weird are you?"
I fail to understand why most of the people keep bombarding me with this same question. Eccentric, Yes, I could be. Weird? Definitely not! On the hindsight, I find most of the people equally weird around me. So, I tend to mentally forgive them if they fail to understand me. I'm not any better at understanding fellow human beings.

My life is slowly becoming a walking contradiction. A life where I swtich personalities depending upon my geological location. When I'm working as a Page 3 journalist, I get to meet some of the most high-profile celebrities and socialites. I get special entries and reserved seats at big do's where I address social big-wigs not as Sir or Mam but with their first name, chatting up with them as if I was one of them. Of course, all this is but a farce. I've realised how fake smiles are, how pretentious personalities can be. They talk to me only so that I might give them some good press. Once you are out of the event, you are the normal, middle-class girl again who is struggling to make a mark in her career.

I'm at a loss when at home, usually because I'm too tired when I return. I don't give crap and don't take any from my siblings who are way too busy in their lives. Mostly, home is just a pit-stop before I embark for work again.

And then, comes my favourite part. Despite having saved enough to own a sedan now, I'm still travelling by metro. Because this is where I meet most interesting people. People who are far more interesting than those socialities whom I interview. At the risk of being called a pervert (realises her "about me" already mentions that, anyhow who cares), I've started peeping into other's lives, while travelling in the metro.
It all happened by chance. A girl sitting next to me, dressed as a complete wannabe (the kinds you can easily find in a metro) was busy texting on her phone. I tried to overlook but it isn't exactly my fault if the text size on her screen was too big. I happened to read her msgs, which went like:

Girl - Nahi, pehle aap apna naam batao
Sender- Mera naam toh Raj (how fake!) hai.
Girl - Acha, naam chodo, aapko  mera no. kahan se mila? Aapne kabhi dekha hai mujhe?
Sender - Haan, aapke college ke bahar.
My keen observation skills told me that she was going to give her correspondence exams. The book in her lap said "King's Champion, Open"

Wow! The girl was supposedly texting a random guy who happened to get her no. by chance and was simply trying his luck! I was amused. But then consciously stopped peeping because it was so stupid and my inherent social skills seemed to be cringing within.

The very next day, I was sitting next to a lady who could be as old as my mother. Grey hairs and all, she seeemd to be headed towards her office when she got a text and replied.

Sender: No dear, I'm only 35. (I mentally screamed, ONLY???? 35 IS A LOT OF AGE MAN)
The lady passed a hand through her hairs blushed and started replying.
Lady - Ok. I am 35 too but don't look like one. I look younger. ( I again mentally screamed,,  YEAH, RIGHT!)
Sender - I'm waiting to see you in person dear. Let's meet up.

Ok, this one was seriously funny. I've realised its not only socialites who want the spotlight on them. Normal people won't mind some attention too. Nevermind the fact that it is from some random despo who has got nothing more than a free msg scheme in his phone and horniness on his mind.
And they call ME weird. Of all people!!! Didn't I say, life is funny!

It's better to watch things than to do them ~ Homer Simpson


Anonymous | May 22, 2010 at 12:44 AM

:) nevertheless life like a endless quest for love, fame, and money or may be sometimes a respite amidst the lives of others. Did you notice the cords joining them, the gaudy dressed 'wannabe' girl and the gray haired old lady, they liked getting liked, :).

You write really well.

Mads | May 23, 2010 at 6:43 PM

Lol! I loved this post. Wish I peeped into cell phones more :P
Nice write up :)

peter | May 23, 2010 at 10:59 PM

Interesting read,I know how people run after these thngs .but then like u said who cares ?
u do what u want to and let them do what they want to, if watching them is funny for u then for someone else watching you might be fun ..Thank god the whole system is balanced :P :)

alpa | May 24, 2010 at 12:59 AM

i likes! i likes!!..but u r weird indeed; peeping into other's mobile screens!;D...jokes apart, m glad u shared ur blog link...humourous and light...easy and smooth read...lemme knw wen u update more!!!:D

VagaBond | May 24, 2010 at 1:19 AM

Eavesdropping eh? I had seen many such cases during my college life,my roomie used to be hot shot model of my college and random girls used to call him all the time. I found it weird but nevertheless its fun dating blind or not!
BTW hi remember me ?:P

Prianca | May 26, 2010 at 1:20 AM

@ anonymous
Thank you. :))

@ mads
haha, thanks mads.

@ peter
right, balanced it is. somebody might be amused looking at my life too. point noted.

Prianca | May 26, 2010 at 1:20 AM

@ alpa
Thanks for dropping by alp-ha. ;))

@ vagabond
hi. yes, i do remember you. where had you disappeared? long time eh?