just a usual day in my life

umm, so here i am writing out my first blog. Though the idea of creating a blog and pouring my heart out over the good, ol internet was in my mind since a long time now, but then the first thought which always came to my mind was that posting a blog, subject to public view was somewhat similar to your thoughts being announced over a loudspeaker where everyone could hear them, judge them and condemn them.
but then, screw it.
until and unles, i can muster up the courage to voice my thoughts, whats the use of having them in the first place? right?

since the start of my summer vacations, i have been on this unending spree of working endlessly, back to back on target basis while at my summer job. but today is a special day. because i finally managed to get a day off. considering that even my sundays are not free, this is a pretty big deal for me. yeah, dats wat i said, BIG DEAL. but who cares? like? :p

i can proudly say that i utilized my day to the best of my capabilities (oh yes, i am the one who values time a lot, hehe). i slept away to glory for something like the entire day? ahhm, yeah, i slept through the day. i mean, in such heat and sticky temperature, there is nothing much that you can do, right?

i got up by eight pm to the sounds of usual prime time television shows which were being played over the television set at a blaring volume (oh, i hate you mom for this, grrrr)
yeah, my mom is an another interesting part of my life i can talk endlessly about. interestingly, she would be least concerned if i have managed to win a prize in a competition i was preparing for so long or whether i am able to secure admission in a college of my choice. but yes, she is concerned (read extremely concerned) whether i have managed to purchase the special, imported brocolli from the food mart nearby while on my way back home from office. :/ she will call me incessantly, until i answer her call and assure her that her coveted brocolli has been purchased. phew. like does she really need to care that i was driving and shouldnt have answered her call? i think that traffic policeman did notice my car number. damn

well, on second thoughts, she aint dat bad. she is MY mom after all. i can manage her tantrums on most of the days. on other occasions, i simply igonre her while she keeps shouting around the house why cant i be a bit more responsible and help her around the house? yeah, like i care

name: prianca
Status: bored of sleeping, thus blogging
Book i am currently reading: Veronica decides to die by Paulo Cohelo


smriti | June 17, 2008 at 3:06 PM

Paulo Cohelo padne se kuch nai hota....uski philosophies apply bhi karni chahiye ;)

parag | August 11, 2008 at 6:01 PM

tremendous wrk dne pinks..
nice blog u hav.
grt way to xpress urself n abt ur lyf.
keep on bloggng.
n do read sum personality relatd buks.n use dose principles in ur bloggng..
n i suggest u to read "a prisoner of birth" by jeffrey archer.