I think there is something baking in my oven..

A random talk between two female friends:

Girl 1 - Hi, I think I forgot something

Girl 2 - Hey, what is it?

Girl 1 - I think there is something baking in my oven and I'm also afraid I might be pregnant.

Girl 2 - Oh my god!!!. Well, lets try rushing back to your home and switch off the oven because that's an immediate problem...what if it led to a short circuit?? bla bla bla

Girl 1 - No, turning off the oven in my home won't help.

Girl 2 - (confused) - But how? We can rush, turn off the oven at your home and then take you to a gynaec for a check up. What say?

Girl 1 - (agitated) - Duh, by something boiling in my oven i mean there is something boiling in my uterus. I forgot to take precaution last night and I'm afraid I might be pregnant!!!

Girl 2 - Ohhhhh......

Moral of the conversation? No, its not to use precaution. Ok, that as well but one more thing which surfaces out of this conversation is that we, women, the fairer sex, the empowered sex or whatever are actually quite confused regarding ourselves.

Yes, I, who has always been a staunch feminist said that. I just said that!
I am not particularly fond of men or their unhygienic habits/lifestyle. However, one cannot deny the fact that men, no matter how laid back they may be are seldom confused regarding what they need to do at a particular point of time. I am not saying they never are confused. Obviously, its a catch 22 situation for them when they are made to choose between Going out on a date with this hot, new chick on the block or watching a live match between Manchester United and Arsenal. :p

ok, i kid, i kid, i joke , i joke!!!

But I, Prianca who had made fun of men in soo many of my previous posts, like here and here , is eating her words today.

I was always very proud of the decisions that I take for myself. The guy I chose as my Bf, the college I went to, the course I graduated in, the career choices that I make for myself, my dressing sense.......Yes, I am/was proud of it all.

Until I realised that this is not all that I want.
  • I do not want a staple 9 to 5 job. Damn, my current job exceeds up to 6.30 pm (how I am hating it)
  • I do not want to let my arse have a gala time, bulgeoning away to glory while I remain seated on the same work station for long hours.
  • I've realised that I still want to be a writer. But being a fashion editor of some good magazine or fashion journalist wouldn't hurt. Right girlies?
  • I don't want to remain stuck in this job where all I do is review guy stuff like gadgets, play stations, navigation systems and give my animated opinions about them. The funny part is that the stuff I review and give my opinions in a " I -myself-have-been-using -this-product-for-such-a-long-time"tone, is completely alien to me. I might even not have seen this products in real life, let alone use them. THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING.
But everything boils down to just one thing. I cannot complain to anybody because the decision to take up this job was taken by me. And damn, the decision to leave it, too, will be entirely mine. And pretty soon enough.

  • I've realised I'm not happy being out of college. In fact, I've applied in all the creme de la creme colleges of the country for a post graduation out of my sheer frustration. I sooooooo want to get back into campus life. Yeah, I'm contradicting myself. (refer to my previous post).
  • On certain days, I realise that I will never want to do a job altogether, sitting on the same chair in the same environment, watching the same faces everyday.
  • The lure of a fat pay package can no longer tempt me. I am going back to college, by hook or by crook.
Men, in my life, on the other hand have been pretty sorted out. I perceived them to be casual/not serious about their career. In the hindsight, I guess they always knew what they want to do and they are doing just that- enjoying themselves thoroughly. With no high aims, no slogging and no high expectations out of themselves, they are a relaxed and happy lot. Give them a mug of beer, a comfortable sofa and an exciting match to watch..and the most complacent smile will appear on their face in no time. The bottom line is they are satisfied with their life. I am not. Rings a bell?

I am not saying that men are better than us, women. They can be our equals but better? Naaaah.
However, they know what they want to do, what they dont want to do and how to live happily. Maybe that's why they make good drivers. Alas....


Abhinav | May 14, 2009 at 6:45 AM

"I am not particularly fond of men or their unhygienic habits/lifestyle."

Arey!! I am as hygienic as hygienic can be! Although my wardrobe may be making false impressions but all men are not the same! Some bath daily!

Sorry for not commenting! I thought you dont blog!

PLP | May 15, 2009 at 3:50 PM

Men are known to think more logically...I see that everyday, lol. They bring everything down to simple I-want-this, I will get it like this, the end.

We...are...more complex...but really, that's an advantage in itself.

As for your job situation, I have been in the SAME situation word for word. I got a high paying job right out of college and it wasn't my type of work. Still I did it and my friends thought...ooooh, so much money, she must be having a blast. But really, what I advise my friends is, end of the day, trust me, the money will no longer appeal to you, your interest in your work will become the most important. I believe you are at such a point.

I know once straight out of college we are soo excited about working, lol, and then we realize, hey, this isnt that awesome. This job experience has been great for you - it is a huge step to aiding in your decision of what you want out of your career. Postgrad sounds good! I wish you the best. Keep us updated :)

Also fashion journalling is no easy task, I tried my hand at it! You want to write and you have an optimistic air to your writing, perfect for fashion writing, but do your pre-research well. You are young and hard-working, you'll end up at the right spot. We're all discovering ourselves (what would be disturbing would be if you were 35 and not sure, lol, but you'll do just fine :) )

peter | May 15, 2009 at 6:27 PM

I love that Eminem line :P

and yes i so want to be back to my ...normal campus life like u..done wid my engg and stuffs ..holidays suck and i knw wat will happen once i ghet my offer letter or start doing a job :(

Men are from Mars but some are from are hell,
Else why do u think some are freak and some smell ?? :P :P

Prianca | May 22, 2009 at 1:44 PM

@ abhinav
lol. ok, ok, i agree, that you are an exception rey.
thanks for dropping by. :)

Prianca | May 22, 2009 at 1:47 PM

With each and every word that you wrtie, I'm left nodding my head in agreement.
I can connect so much with you.
thank you for the encouraging words, though I really doubt if i do have an air of optimism in my writing **scratches head**

nevertheless, your advice will never go to waste. and yes, i will keep you guys updated.

@ peter
do i have to tell you that you are downright funny?? guess, you already know that. cnt help laughing on your last line.