Dilli Toh Paagal Hai!

I dare not to write...not because of lack of things to say, but because I'm afraid I would feel guilty for anything that I publish. All the things I've wanted to write on but somehow thought they weren't important enough....

What is important enough to write?
Is your nagging professor/boss worthy enough to be written about on your personal space? Don't we already have enough of them in our workplaces already?

Is treating this blog as an online journal important?

Or is writing enough to garner more followers and comments important? Everything is bloody subjective. To each, his own.

Writer's block. That word played on me till the time I started playing with it. What is writer's block? Blocking your mind from letting creative thoughts pour in. That's it.

I write to relieve myself of all the emotional and mental blocks. It's therapeutic for me. I'll discuss a very minuscule thought here, something which has been forcing me to alter my "oh, i'm so liberal minded, urban city girl" thinking, of late.

I'm in Delhi. I have lived here all my life. I know this place like the back of my hand. Yes, I've visited other cities too, but none appealed to me like Delhi does. I study in a class where hardly ten students belong to Delhi. The rest of them are outstation students. They came from smaller towns to study here in hope of better opportunities. Fair enough.

What disturbs me though is the attitude of these fellow people...They call us "dilliwaale toh hote hi aise hain". Acha? Please tell us too? how are we really? THey say, "Yeh DU ka attitude yahaan nahi chalega"....What is this DU ka attitude? I'm sorry, But yes, I do come from one of the best univ of India. If you've got a problem with it, go suck komado dragon balls, but don't you dare discriminate against us in our very own city.

Just a thought please, just because you are from some other city, working to get a job, aren't Delhi students doing the same? Not all of them are Tata's and birla's here. They too are working equally hard.

Just in case, any of you is thinking that I'm going to start a Shiv Sena for Delhi as soon as I finish writing this post...NO, I'M SO NOT!!!
One Thackrey is more than enough.
I've always been at my jovial best with most of people around me. Or at least, i've tried to. I used to think that this stupid, stupid regionalism only exists in the mind of narrow minded old men. Surprise, surprise..it obscenely has made its way everywhere.

I recall when this fellow classmate of mine said, in a mocking tone on my face - "I'm glad sir does not like this Delhi kids. They already have too many privileges that they take everything for granted. I so hate Delhi"

I was standing there...shocked..obviously they knew I'm from Delhi and I cant recall any such "privileges" that I have. It's an altogether different fact that this fellow classmate too, had been residing in Delhi since few years now. I asked , "Why don't you go back to your hometown then"?

"Arrey, wahaan itna infrastructure nahi hai.No job opportunities, nothing. People are really narrow minded, Delhi main rehne ke baad hometown nahi reh sakte"

To any of you who is reading this post, I ask you, Are people living in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata any different from people from other towns? Just because we were born in a metropolitan city, does not give you the right to insult us and call us bloody dilliwaala. If you really like your hometown so much, then go back. Create enough job opportunities there. Use your talent there. And then smirk at me all that you want. I would gladly accept it. Go make it another IT hub like Bangalore or fast paced like Mumbai. At least, another city would get developed in this country.

But I know nothing like that is going to happen anytime soon. Regionalism will stay in the mind of people. Just because they've had a few bad experience in a new city does not entitle them to brand entire metro city as "BAD".
And, FYI, we, cosmopolitans know the value of hard work. Because life isn't a bed roses for anyone. And yes, we know how to be hospitable.....Balance fun and work and all.....But at the end of the day...we will still be "Yeh dilliwaale toh hote hi aise hain".

P.S - In no sense is this post intended to make fun of people from other towns. The idea behind this post is not to appreciate metro cities, but to highlight regionalism as a problem.

Just because everything is different, doesn't mean that anything has changed ~ Irene Peter


A Benevolent Sultan for Life | January 28, 2010 at 7:45 AM

Small town peoples ain't that bad.May be they are not that refined as to their Metro counterparts.

Just wonder if you get an opportunity, an lucrative one, something which demands you to travel abroad. Will you just stick back to your morals and deny it or may be you venture in hope of better opportunity. Will your love for Delhi seize to die in due course of time.I just wander how you'll feel like,if someone there calls you native, unrefined and with coarse attitude.Its not even your country after all.

I don't really want contradict or argue with you in any of your opinion, they are your own.

Happy Writing.

Prianca | January 28, 2010 at 8:33 AM

@ a benevolent sultan for life
I appreciate your opinion. But I'm afraid you misread my thoughts....I'm not a Delhi fanatic...history tells us that this city was basically a refugee city, its today structure is predominantly comprised by people who came from pak post partition (my family included).

Nor would I entertain the idea of restricting it only to Delhites, that would be the most stupid thing to do.
Neither i am saying that people from other states are native or unrefined....they are not. they are talented..they beat competition to make their presence felt in a new place.

The only problem that I seem to have is with the attitude, the deep seated regionalism in the minds of even the most educated lot...they too will ask you "kahaan se ho"? and then form an opinion about you. That my friend, is irksome!

Abhinav | January 28, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Frankly, I don't have any right to insult anyone, but I sincerely believe that people who have lived all their lives in metro cities are slightly different. Different because of the exposure they get. I am going away from the main topic of yours but when those so called Metro kids visits small town, their reactions are like, 'fuck.. no nightlife here?' They are more of India than Bharat. (Remember Bharat?)

Also, as far as I am concerned, everyone has right to go and work or study anywhere in India. Even Thakrey clan is right but their way of reacting is wrong. But no one has any right to stay in that place and insult its original inhabitants... I don't know from what place your fellow classmates come but if they say so they must have felt something bad. Ofcourse there are people who prejudice thoughts.

All of us just need to have few things in us if we want to live in a happier manner.

less ego, bigger appetites for digesting insults, bigger hearts and no regionalism.. thats it!

peter | January 28, 2010 at 11:04 PM

All the Generalizations in this world are wrong, except this one ;)

and like i say again and again the best thing about India is the diversity and the worst thing about India is the diversity !!

That's it I dun want to say anythng else.

Peace everyone !

Prianca | January 29, 2010 at 9:10 PM

@ abhinav
I respect your opinion...i know that a certain amount of culture difference is there..but not all of them are alike..either in metros or other towns.
thanku for understanding. ;)

@ peter
haha. yup, peace everyone!

The Crystal Heart | January 30, 2010 at 9:41 PM

Genius Angel I challenge you...One Day You will make your life a masterpiece And You will join the ranks of
those people who live what they teach,
who walk their talk.

Coins always make sound,
But the currency notes are always silent.
So, when your value increases,
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When Someone tries to impress you, It means he or she is already impressed by you.

“Think on it”..

Yar Wat u wrote abt Dilli Dil walo ki..In Delhi people are Slaughtering Each other for the place parking lol....wat a joke...but i m not laughing..hahaha

Angel If You Want To Feel Rich,
Just Count All Of The Things
You Have That Money
Cannot Buy.

P.S :- Genius Angel Whenever you are criticized,...Dont get Upset....Always remember this..,No stones are thrown on a fruitless tree..

Do not make your aim like the garden
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But make your aim like
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Lincoln | February 2, 2010 at 4:34 PM

I have one question, Why do they say I am from DU? Why dont they say i am from a particular college ? ( I assume there are different colleges affilated to DU)...DOest it tell that students want to show off????

Anonymous | February 2, 2010 at 8:47 PM

I guess people from small town are quite jelous from the attitude carried by people in Delhi than anything else. The kind of clothes we wear, the hangout wid friends that we enjoy, our spending on luxuries (esp at the weddings, etc.), the thinking of people in delhi are much more advanced than people living in small towns...who would not want to have such a life? They can't appreciate, so they criticize...at least that is what I believe...

Prianca | February 3, 2010 at 3:00 PM

@ the crystal heart
thanks for all the uplifting words. Appreciated!

@ lincoln
No, the students dont want to show off. it is subjective. usually students identify themselves with their college and not their university. however, ppl from other towns tend to categorize us as ppl from DU..hence..

@ anonymous
Hmmm, could be possible but I'm afraid it might not be true for everyone. Anyhow, to each, his own. ;))

AP | February 13, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Well said!