If only........

I often wonder just how wonderful it would be, if we could simply delete certain people from our lives as easily as we can delete them from our email, orkut,facebook (or watever social networking site) lists.
But some recent experiences ( m thanking my stars i had them) were sufficient enough to tell me that in real life, its always a little messy. You've got to watch out for things like tears and emotions and even flying objects hurled at your head.(though, m not d violent ones. i am generally the ones who will run to great lengths just in order to avoid an obnoxious, probably violent situation). In certain cases, deadly words hurled at your face can leave you scarred like no wound possibly can. With some people, there is no use being try to reason out or being brutally honest - these are the ones you will realise, in hindsight, you never should have invited in your life in the first place.

I've been reading this book
Your Big Break by Johanna Edwards. The fictional characters in the story work for a break up service. They will probably do anything from making the protagonist quit her job job to dump her boyfriend to resotore the calmness and peace of mind again in her life. I was just wondering, why the hell don't these characters or so-called break up service exist in real life??
So, you dont like your nosy college friend? A simple click on the delete button by this break up service is enough.
Tired of the endless nagging by that obnoxious professor? yeah, baby, you get deleted too. As simple as it gets. The mantra is to identify the negative influences in your life and press the delete button on their face. BEEP. And its done.

But hell, if only letting go of all these so-called negative influences was so easy. Sometimes, in the bargain, you even end up losing your loved ones. After all, who knows, they might press the delete button on YOUR face. tit for tat.
I recently lost one of my closest friend ever in the similar fashion. In a way, she dumped me on my face (now dont get your grey cells thinking too much. i am very much straight. thank you). But then, its not only your lover who can dump you, right?
I've seen people getting dumped by their friends, their luck, their familes et al.
And for sure, losing her (lets call her miss S. ) stung. It stung so much. Partly because i am a real miser when it comes to making new friends. And losing the loved ones i already had was like bad. really bad. Even though i knew that it was me who was entirely at fault.
i used to keep crying hoping she will come back. (although in my heart, i already knew she wont)
But now, i've got used to it. And i have realised just one thing.
Its not a matter of hope, its just a matter of time.

Life goes on..........


Prachi | August 20, 2008 at 12:11 PM

Do deleting someone's name off your social networking list.. and breaking off with someone is as easy as it seems.. and the ones who delete can really forget everything that has passed in between them with a whiff of wind.. and if this is the case, they are not the honest ones in relationships.. human relationships.. even bonding with animals and non living objects are so endearing and intense that even after the separation flames keeps on fuming...
i remember a ghazal by Jagjit Singh

"Haath chute bhi toh rishte nahin choda karte.. waqt ki shaakh se lamhe nahin toda karte..."

May be i'm not strict your post's context but this is what i felt after reading it..

i'm dropping the link of my blogpost.. however it's a personal blog.. but know not why i found something too similar.. may be you can find that out...

prianca | August 20, 2008 at 3:38 PM

@ prachi
yeah, i was able to figure out wat was too similar...

read ur blog, nice posts :)
nd yes, i agree wid ur opinion,
its nt easy to let go
bt sometimes, all you can do is cry, den smile nd move on.
pretending dat everything is okay.
it does hurt
bt m glad i learnt something from it (value ur loved ones)

Prachi | August 20, 2008 at 7:43 PM

Hey Prianca.. i think i know you by name.. Smriti's friend.. right... your name's spelling reminded me..:)

prianca | August 20, 2008 at 9:55 PM

yes, i am d same prianca :)

actually, m new to this blogger thing, cud u plz temme hw can i add d section of "i read" to my blog
i wanted to add you in my lists, wanted to read more of ur works......dey wr really nice

cud u plz temme how

i know dis is nt d place to ask you this, bt i gt no oder option to contact you...:/

smriti | August 20, 2008 at 10:03 PM

no more rona dhona nw :)

Prachi | August 20, 2008 at 10:08 PM

I have added you on Orkut..okay.. i came across your blog thing in deepika mam' scrapbook..and i quite liked the way you are penning things down...
Add me on gtalk.. jp.8423@gmail.com

Nipun | September 6, 2008 at 7:25 PM

hey there...
i'm back..
read ur blog..
philosophy kuch jyada nahi ho gai...
i would have surely killed the person who invented this delete button...

prianca | September 7, 2008 at 3:49 PM

@ nipun

thank you dear....for reading it.
nd i though i wud hv loved d concept of delete button, i knew ppl wud abhor it, like you.
just goes on to show that ppl like you still cherish friendships. nd make them last!!!.
chinta na kar,
philosphy zyaada nahi hui hai.
delete button bhi invent nahi hone waala.
ho bhi gaya toh u r most welcome not to use it.:)