I have been known to rant, rave and this always lets my blog get the best of my emotions. Though it feels good to pour out emotions, I've had all sorts of people, dear pals come up to me and tell me that my blog reflects negatively on my life. As in, it only goes on to prove how miserable my life is. Some of them often mistake my genuine outpour of emotions as my aggression (which is defintely true some of the times :p). But then, ONLY SOME OF THE TIMES!!! period.
But in certain occasions, when I genuinely post something uplifting, something peppy on my posts, they will come up to me and ask "Was that you? Your recent post didnt reflect your personality"
I mean WHAT?
Do these homo sapiens have compeltely forgotten about the concept of creative freedom?
I will post what I am feeling. What i want to say. It need not always be spicy enough for a good read. For Christs sake, this is my life. Not a spicy dish served straight out of your roadside dhabas.

Wow, There is definitely one thing this blog is helping me to. Control my aggression. And no, this post is not meant to hurt any of my dear friends. Their genuine, critical comments and opinions are always welcome.

Enough of my outpour here. I'll suggest you to go out and catch the latest flick, ROCK ON by farhan akhtar. rock music cult served in a platter of exquisiteness amidst the commercial hubbub of emotional melodrama typo movies. aye. And did i say, Farhan is looking kinda hot with his long haired, rockstar look ;). And man, he sings.
Though, I dont know how it will fare at the box office. But it seems promising. worth a try, wattsay? :)

Just wanaa end by saying no matter what happens in your life, come what may, ROCK ON.....
life aint that bad. :P